Buildjob Preparation &
Simulation Software

Prepare your buildjob using GENESIS to print support-free on your industrial 3D-Printer.


For LPBF System Vendors

Modules (APIs) ready to integrate in LPBF system vendor software

Quick and affordable option for LPBF system vendors to offer support-free technology to customer with simulation-based modules. This is done by integrating the modules (APIs) in software of LPBF system vendors:

Module 1:
Fast Thermal Simulation

Module 2:
Simulationbased Local Parameter Adaption

Module 3: Simulationbased Hatching

For End-User

Your desktop application for your existing 3D-Printer

For LPBF users, AMSIS offers an alternative tool for builjob preparation that enables quick and cost-effective entry into support-minimizing technology on their existing 3D printer. There is no need to invest in new hardware (new printers or expensive monitoring systems). The software can be used both as a replacement and as an on-top addition to existing pre-processor softwares.

Discover the new Features of GENESIS 4


Make your first
support-free part

Using our data preparation software GENESIS you can manufacture many parts with overhanging surfaces in the range from 45° down to 20° without supports. This software generates the hatching strategies which are tailored for each layer of the manufactured part and considers all local geometrical particularities, especially overhangs.

Minimize support-structures

The use of software GENESIS for data preparation allows you to avoid the support structures in the range from 45° down to 20° and therefore to minimize the total support volume. For the overhangs in the range between 0° and 20° the application of support structures is still unavoidable.


GENESIS 3 now available!

Get the latest version now for your industrial 3D-Printer

Print your first support-free part


25° - Ti64

Satellite Tank

20° - Ti64

Tube & Plates

21° - Ti64


30° - T316L


30° - T316L


25° - Ti64

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