Data and build preparation Software for
your 3D-Printer

Standard hatching or innovative hatching – find out which functions you need


All classic features 

you need to prepare 

your build-job.


GENESIS Classic 


Simulation-based Support-minimizing Hatching patterns

Features of

STL-Import, Placement & Orientation

  • Import of any part and corresponding support structure in the common file format
  • Easily move or rotate parts manually on baseplate


  • Fast & easy nesting of parts

Support Generation​

  • Adjust the overhang angle and generate supports
  • Customize parameters of your supports
  • See real time visualization and make instant adjustments


  • Fast & smart slicing
  • Preview of every part contour

Standard Hatching​

Choose beetween following standard hatch patterns:

  • Stripes hatch pattern
  • Contour hatch pattern
  • Unidirectional hatch pattern
  • Checkerboard hatch pattner

Simulationbased Hatching

The software generates the simulation-based hatching strategies which are tailored for each layer of the manufactured part with an account of local geometrical particularities, especially overhangs. Using the tailored hatching strategies, you will be able to reduce support

Only available in GENESIS Innovative

R&D Hatching ​

Export to 3D-Printer

  • In order to perform a build-job on your printer, the build-job data prepared by GENESIS has to be imported into your printer in a proper format.
  • GENESIS exports build-job data in CLI or CLI+ format. If your 3D-printer is able to import CLI or CLI+ file formats, you can start manufacturing of support-free parts on your 3D-printer.
  • In case, if your 3D-printer saves a build-job data in a specific format, which differs from the CLI or CLI+ ones, please contact us and correspond us the details of your printer-specific data format. We will quickly develop and provide you a data exporter, which will save the build-job data in the format which matches for your 3D-printer