Data-preparation Software for
your 3D-Printer

Features of
GENESIS software

STL Imports

Import of CAD-data (STL- format)
for part to be printed.


Slicing of part and support structure
and preview of contour data in each layer.

Simulation-based Hatching

Simulation-based tailored hatching strategies
to reduce support volume and part distortion.

Light-weight Supports

Generation of light-weight support structures
to reduce the total mass of needed supports.

Conventional Hatching

Conventional hatching strategies
(stripes, islands, bilinear, etc.).

Visualization & Export

Visualization of the hatches and contours.
Export of slicing and hatching data
in the build-job format.


to export parts to your 3D-printer

Step 1 -

  • Select your preset and layer thickness
  • Import of any part and corresponding support structure in the common file format
  • Easily reorient the components on the building platform

Step 2 -
Support generation

  • Adjust the overhang angle and generate supports
  • Customize cone- and tip parameters of your supports
  • See real time visualization and make instant adjustments

Step 3 -

  • Fast slicing
  • Preview of every part contour

Step 4 -

  • Use our simulation-based Hatching and get an advantage over the competion – be support-free and save costs
  • Simulation-based approaches allow to optimize the hatching strategy corresponding to the individual part geometry
  • The new strategies enable an adaptive orientation that helps to reduce distortion, avoids overheating and optimizes thermal management

Step 5 -
Analysis & Export

  • Analyze the duration of the build-job (Hatching time, Jump Delay, Scan Delay)
  • Analyze the number and lenghts of Hatches
  • Export of data in the build-job format like CLI-file

Your Data-Preparation Software

Export build-job data file from GENESIS

Import CLI Data File

Import build-job data into your 3D-printer


Your 3D-Printer

Perform the build-job and print your parts support-free

How can I use data generated by GENESIS for my 3D-printer?

In order to perform a build-job on your printer, the build-job data prepared by GENESIS has to be imported into your printer in a proper format.

GENESIS exports build-job data in CLI or CLI+ format. If your 3D-printer is able to import CLI or CLI+ file formats, you can start manufacturing of support-free parts on your 3D-printer.

In case, if your 3D-printer saves a build-job data in a specific format, which differs from the CLI or CLI+ ones, please contact us and correspond us the details of your printer-specific data format. We will quickly develop and provide you a data exporter, which will save the build-job data in the format which matches for your 3D-printer.