User Interface

The GENESIS hatching user interface (GUI) is a wizard-style dialog and consists of 4 main areas:

  • Guided steps from STL import to generation of hatchings

  • Viewer for 3D model and 2D layer preview

  • Properties inspector for entering parameter and settings

  • Progressbar and feedback shows background tasks and status

GENESIS Interface Overview of the program window.

Tooltips are displayed if the curser is hovered over the controls to give a short context sensitive explanation.


The main area is used for the preview of the 3D geometry, 2D slices and layer outlines as well as resulting hatchings.

The time slider and controls (not always visible) below the view area can be used for scrolling through the sequence of hatches within the current layer.

One can navigate the view by moving the cursor and using the following mouse buttons and keys within the viewer area.

Movement Mouse Button and Key
Rotation left
Rotation along z-axis Strg + left
Zoom right
Translation middle or Shift + left

Viewer navigation buttons and keys.

Program Menu and Toolbar

General functions are located in the top left corner of the program window. On the left side of the viewer the viewer toolbar is located.

In the current version not all of the features are available. They will be enabled in the upcoming release.

GENESIS Interface Description of the general program menu and toolbar icons.

Default Colors

The displayed colors in the viewer area have the described meaning.

Color Component
Gray Shaded 3D model
Black Part contour
Blue Support contour
Gradient Hatchings

Viewer default colors and meaning.


The right window area contains the properties inspector. This area changes the content depending on the overall step. It will display controls for opening files, selecting settings or changing parameter values.

The layer slider (not always visible) on the left side of the properties inspector can be used for scrolling through the sliced layers of the part in build direction.